Exhibitor List

Product Category
Specialized Zones and Pavilions
Booth No.: [8-1D33]
Brand: fontenoce
Category: 活色生鲜-饮用水 Fine Food-water
温州酷乐餐桌用品有限公司Wenzhou Jolin Table Utensils Ltd
Booth No.: [7-2D13]
Brand: Eat4Fun
Category: 母婴用品-哺育用品 Maternity and Baby Care Products-Feeding products
中山市萌贝贝日用制品有限公司Zhongshan ABEL Household Products Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: [5-1C19,5-1B46]
Brand: babyyoya aiqi
Category: 车床、汽座及家具-童车 Baby Carriages, Car Seats and Furniture-Baby stroller