Work together for The Future: CBME China 2020 will be launched soon

Release date:2020-09-17

CBME China 2020, CBME Children's Wear 2020 and CBME Toy 2020 will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 10-12, 2020. As the world's leading omni-channel business service platform for child, baby and maternity care products, CBME China, hosted by Informa China, has entered its 20th year and has also witnessed the vigorous development, growth and resilience of China's child, baby and maternity care products industry. This year, with the effective prevention and control of the epidemic in China, China's economic recovery has been clearly driven. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, China's GDP in the second quarter increased by 3.2% year-on-year, economic development showed a steady improvement, and the third quarter will continue to pick up steadily. As a connector, stabilizer and accelerator for the child, baby and maternity care products industry, CBME China 2020 will further integrate the upstream and downstream energy of the industry, help the industry restart growth and seize opportunities for recovery.


Focus on product strength and bring together new and excellent global products

Ÿ All categories: After the epidemic, domestic consumption has gradually resumed growth. From a fundamental point of view, the demand for domestic and foreign high-quality child, baby and maternity care products and services has risen instead of falling. The new generation of family consumption further shows the trends such as: more segmented demand in products, more diversified product choices, and equal attention to both quality and cost effectiveness. As the world's first large-scale child, baby and maternity care products industry exhibition in 2020, CBME China is expected to have more than 3,600 exhibitors showcasing their new products covering a wide range of product categories including maternal and infant care products, maternity and infant food, nutrition and snacks, toys, education, children's clothing, infant clothing, strollers, car seats, furniture and other new products of all categories.

Ÿ   Internationalization: Despite the impact of the epidemic on the global economy and trade, there are still many international brands who have confirmed their participation in this year's CBME China. Many countries and regions have confirmed to display their latest products in the International Pavilion, including: The United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, China Taiwan, North America, Australia, New Zealand and more.


Ÿ   New product launch: It’s particularly noteworthy that this year, CBME China, together with reputed child, baby and maternity care products experts, retail channel partners, and many well-known consumer media agencies, launched the "CBME Product Awards" for the first time. 400+ finalists and award-winning products under the three major awards categories of "Best Looking Product", "Creative Design" and "Black Technology", to help industry product innovation and grasp future product trends. In addition, this year’s CBME China will also pick high-quality products from around the world, and showcase them in a “Worldwide First Launch” to give industry insiders the chance to peek at the latest product trends.


Plan for the entire industry chain and create a pan-mother-child ecological symbiosis system

Ÿ   From child, baby and maternity care to new families: With the rise of the new generation of mothers who pay more attention to themselves and the quality of family life, the "baby economy" begins to extend to the "new family economy", and pan-maternal and child consumption has gradually become a new growth area in child, baby and maternity care retail. This year’s CBME China will set up five highlight zones including "Natural Products", "Educational Experience", "Pan Child and Maternity Service Franchise Zone", "Outdoor Riding and Amusement", "Study Desk and Boutique Home Furnishings Exhibition Zone", which will showcase natural and organic food, supplies, STEAM toys, online and offline education services, postpartum centers, obstetrics and health services, and other products and services related to the new family's child and maternity needs.

From child, baby and maternity to new families

Ÿ   Extension of the industrial chain: In order to help the industry create high-quality products and enhance services and experience, the "Smart Retail Zone" and the "Supply Chain" Zone will bring together industrial chain supporting products and services including retail technology and software, retail facilities and equipment, store design and planning, packaging, printing and product design, raw materials, fabric and accessories, OEM/ODM, other industrial chain supporting products and services and more.


Ÿ   Covering omni-channel buyers: The epidemic has accelerated the diversification of child, baby and maternity care products retail channels. CBME China covers 30+ categories of buyers, expanding from offline child, baby maternity care chain stores to omni-channel and multi-format buyers. This year CBME China expects more diversified visitors. Different types of buyers have signed up and showed great interest to visit including agents and distributors, baby, child and maternity care department stores, child, baby and maternity care stores, and emerging buyers such as comprehensive/vertical/cross-border/social e-commerce, boutique stores, child, baby and maternity care self-media, MCN, KOL and more.


The annual industry summit plus 20+ forums, professional activities help the industry to keep up with the latest trend

Ÿ   CBME Child, Baby and Maternity Care Industry Summit: In the special environment of 2020, CBME will work together with cross-industry elites with the theme of "Cohesion, Creating the Future". From the three angles: “Future Insight”, “Work together to create the future” and “Learn from others”, we will deeply analyze the current economic and industrial conditions and explore new trends in industrial development.


Ÿ   CBME Summits: All these summits will be collocated and at the same time with CBME China. Working with well-known brands, TOP Internet retailers and marketing platforms, national industry associations of different products categories, design companies and other pan-maternal and infant ecological parties; these summits will discuss the trends and opportunities around the latest hot topic such as: food, nutrition and the development of sterilization categories, the development of the child, baby and maternity health care industry, innovative marketing methods, the status and development of import and export of child, baby and maternity care products, innovative retail services, and enhancement of core product capabilities and more.


Online plus offline to improve the efficiency of industrial upstream and downstream business matching

CBME is accelerating the advancement of digitalization, fully mobilizing online tools such as mini programs, live broadcasts, short videos, etc., diving deep into industry distribution centers across the country, linking core regional associations and chambers of commerce’s, and jointly helping industries to efficiently connect.


Ÿ   CBME Product week – CBME Exhibition week: Following the CBME product week in July, CBME will carry out online business matching and online ordering in September and during the same period of the exhibition, connecting with 12 venues and many brands on site to help more child, baby and maternity care product players find resources and market opportunities.

Ÿ   In conjunction with iQiyi Maternity and Child Channel, Giant Engine, Kuaishou, Tencent Video Maternal and Child Channel, Zhihu, Sina Weibo, and many other online marketing platforms and media; CBME aims to let the industry understand the latest news from child, baby and maternity products industry through extensive online communication.

Ÿ   Business matching: CBME has opened the online global business matching mini program, and at the same time, offline business matching is open to all buyers in the industry, including distributors/agents, child, baby and maternity stores, integrated/vertical/cross-border e-commerce, shopping centers, department stores/shopping malls, boutique stores, child, baby and maternity live stream KOLs and more. Both online and offline business matching is fully open for buyers and sellers to efficiently connect. During the exhibition there are a few specially themed business matching meetings such as "Overseas Brands", "Smart Retail", "Natural Products" and "Fashion Children's Clothing" and more.


Ÿ   CBME Buyers Group: 30+ buyer groups are organized from different type of buyers including regional core wholesale markets, associations, chambers of commerce, KOL etc., covering channels for different product categories including children’s clothing, toys, baby care products, strollers, furniture, food and more. They will visit CBME China to meet with exhibitors to communicate and explore business opportunities.


Safety first, create a safer CBME

Although the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled, ensuring the safety of everyone participating is still the top priority of CBME. This year CBME will strictly implement epidemic prevention requirements of the government and venues, and implement strict health and epidemic prevention and control measures, including ID and health code verification, real-name pre-registration and on-site registration, masks and disinfection supplies will be provided, body temperature monitoring of all employees, full-site inspection and disinfection, rapid emergency response procedures, etc., to ensure the safety and order of the exhibition site.


CBME China 2020 is the 20th edition of CBME China. Gu Xiaoyuan, General Manager of Informa Markets (Hangzhou), pointed out: "Over the past 20 years, CBME has grown along with the child, baby and maternity care products industry. 2020 is a special year and the beginning of a new phase. After experiencing the epidemic, the energy of the child, baby and maternity industry is rapidly recovering and accumulating. We are facing huge challenges together, but we also see the industry and the market’s demand for accelerated online and offline integration and the needs of new family products and services. CBME will serve as an omni-channel commerce service platform, integrating resources from all parties in the ecosystem, creating a symbiotic system, and a symbiotic future!"


According to the organizer's data, the pre-registered visitors to CBME China 2020 has increased by 32% year-on-year. A variety of pre-registration channels are open for registration. Visit CBME official website or follow the "CBME China" official WeChat account for pre-registration.

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