CBME World Debut 2020

Products are the key to the core competitiveness of the enterprise. With the demand for the high-quality product in the Chinese market is soaring, product upgrading and innovation is the only way that enterprises must take to satisfy the demands of the consumer market. As the world's largest resource platform of children, baby and maternity, CBME will continue to hold the world debut activities and set up the World Debut Zone at the show. The collection of global new products of ready-to-launch is ongoing. The selected high-quality products will be displayed at CBME 2020 for its world debut, aiming to build brand influence and visibility as well as promote the iteration and innovation upgrading of the children-baby-maternity product.

What can you find at CBME World Debut 2020

* A collection of global new baby & maternity products

* The latest trend in child, baby & maternity industry

* The state-of-the-art technology and innovation

* The most popular new designed baby products


How to participate?

I.    Participation 

Fill in the product introduction on the world debut page of the CBME official website.

Please send your application form to [email protected]


II. Registration Requirements

1.   The product should be relevant to the product of the children, baby and maternity industry and only one product can be registered for each brand.

2.   The product should be first displayed globally and unlisted.

3.   The physical products of the first 200 registration products meeting up with the requirements are needed for spot demonstration on the CBME exhibition.


III.  Participation Procedure

1.   Registration      March 23-August 31

Submit materials online for registration

click to download the application form and sent it to [email protected]

2.   Review May 31-September 

The sponsor reviews the materials of the registration products.

3.   Exhibition   CBME 2020 onsite display

   The registration product will be displayed on the CBME official website and the CBME 2020 Specialized Zone of World Debut.


IV. Participation Reward

Displayed in the whole process of the promotion activity of world debut on CBME official website, your innovative product will be browsed by over 0.4 million visitors;

Your physical product will be shown on the World Debut Zone of the CBME site for 110,000 visitors, and the booth number of your company will be noted in the introduction for customer attraction. Meanwhile, the exhibit manual will be offered for displaying the comprehensive product information, as well as for the information exchange between the retailers and the agents;

The world debut products will be recommended to the top distributors as the recommended topics of the special community.

Email delivery to over 200,000 visitors with the link so that more practitioners can further know about the information about the latest innovative product of the year;

Post the Special Coverage of CBME World Debut for the product advertising on the WeChat official accounts "CBME" and "Children-Baby-Maternity (孕婴童微报)", which followed by hundreds of thousands of industrial elites;

         ⑥ Advertise on the media for public release and post special coverage on the magazine Children-Baby-Maternity that covers 120,000 people of the children, baby and maternity industry.