Specialized Zones

As the baby products and services industry continues to develop, more and more new products and services are emerging. CBME China’s specialized zones will be the perfect venue to showcase them.


natural products zone.png

Natural Products Zone will cover natural and organic food, products and raw materials, featured products at home and abroad, natural product brands and more.

Outdoor Recreation & Sports Zone will showcase bicycles, inline skates & roller skates, manual & electric scooters and more.

outdoor recreation and sports zone.png
fun learning zone.png

Fun Learning Zone will feature early education in the form of play, music and movement programs, playground, swimming pool, photography and more.

Fabulous Mom Zone will showcase health & beauty, health & wellness/fitness, maternity clothing, prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum care and more.

fabulous mom zone.png
smart home zone.png

Smart Home Zone will cover smart home appliance, household brands and products for child care and family use and more.

Service Providers & Retail Solutions Zone will cover service providers, display props and equipment, industry service platform, packaging machines and related products.

service providers & retail solutions zone.png
Shanghai international digital printing industry fair (TPF).png

Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair (TPF) will cover equipment and technology suppliers of digital textile printers, pre and after treatments, digital ink and other consumables, and printing design. Help them to establish business opportunities, expand channels and start business with end-user of home textile, garment & apparel, dyeing printing factories, fabric manufactories, leather, and more.

Franchising for Baby & Maternity Services Zone will cover diversified pan-CBM agencies and organizations dedicated to early education service, postpartum recovery, postnatal care services, health care, and photography, driving the industry to extend to more refined fields.